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Hi everyone, just returned from the 20th American Men’s Study Association Conference in Minneapolis where I ran a screening of “Five Friends” and workshop for 7 hours with a wonderful group of participants from all over the country – both men and women participated.  We shared the film “Five Friends” discussed the importance of male relationships and used the Quality of Male Relationships Workbook to dive into the importance of intimate male connections.  Here is what the participants said about the workshop during their verbal evaluations:


1. It helped me look at mens’ friendships from a different view.

2. It was open and welcoming in establishing relationships.

3. Being aware of a man’s life journey is very important

4. The movie starts important conversations  about relationships.

5. The best workshop I have ever been in. (4 people)

6. The balance between the theoretical and personal was good. (2 people)

7. My head is spinning through this experience. This was not an empirical experience and I enjoyed it immensely. I can make a list of things that I never thought about much before this workshop. It was great!

8. Listening to each male voice, the sharing is very magical. Diversity is wonderful.

9. Tremendous enjoyment. I found a voice in this group. I was a bit un-settled about the confidentiality. The self-reflection vs academic/therapeutic work was a surprise.

10. The workshop has changed my life. (4 people)

11. We can not ask these questions enough to ourselves and each other.

12. Let us do this workshop again next year!

If you are interested in a screening and workshop, let us know.


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