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Television Premiere!


We are so pleased to announce that Five Friends will be airing on Connecticut Public Television on December 10th @ 10pm.  CPTV is the third largest public television station in the country and the folks there have been incredibly supportive of the film.  They will continue to run the film, including the following Sunday, the 16th, so check your local Connecticut listings!  If you’re out of the Connecticut area, it may still be coming to you soon as we are discussing representation of the film to the other markets and affiliates around the country.  Come back soon for updates…

4 Responses to Television Premiere!

  1. Bob Harrigan says:

    I happened to be watching CPTV tonight and Five Friends came on. What a fantastic enlightening movie. Really made me think about a lot of things in my life. Can’t wait to watch it again!!

    • Erik Santiago says:

      Thanks Bob, it’s so great to know you stumbled upon this little movie of ours. We appreciate all the wonderful feedback we’ve been getting. Hope you get a chance to enjoy it all over again soon!

  2. Ofelia Matos says:

    Extraordinary. I stumbled upon this showing as I was channel surfing. Hank’s story was riveting and his friendships were amazing. I could not stop watching and was sad when it was over. The storytelling was fluid and marvellous as well. I think I could taste that omelette. The world would indeed be a greater place if all men could be so free. Emmett is already lucky to be born into such a group. Kudo & continue to enjoy life.

    • Erik Santiago says:

      Thanks for taking the time to let us know how you felt about the film Ofelia! It is a great encouragement to know that it is finding its audience. Emmett is two now and I am relishing every moment. I wish you all the best.

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