Did you hear...?

From a film studio exec…

This comes from a fellow filmmaker, fan and now friend who recently saw the film:

Dear Hank,
Brianna may have told you I’d be writing. My wife and I are very regular customers at R+D and have become quite fond of your daughter over the years. I don’t need to tell you that she is a very bright and warm person with a great spirit. Having now seen FIVE FRIENDS, I can see from where that great spirit comes. Brianna was kind enough to lend me the film and I was impressed. I am fifty-eight and an independent film producer with a long history of having been a creative executive in the film business at the studio level. If a man needs to have five good friends at the end of his life in order to claim success, I am five short. Which is, of course, the power of the film. A wake up call, I suppose. It’s not too late, I’m hoping. If the intent of the film was to illuminate the importance of cultivating male friendship, then it was a success for me. I’m motivated. Of course it is also a portrait of a man. As the subject, you have to proud. You are a wise and thoughtful man and it was generous of you to share yourself with those of us who have the opportunity to see FIVE FRIENDS. Deepest congratulations on the excellent journey you’ve taken. And my congratulations also to the filmmaker who knows what he’s doing.

Curtis Burch

Thanks so much for the kind words Curtis!

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