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National Association of Social Workers

We were invited to screen the film and have a workshop at the National Association of Social Workers conference in April in CT.  Here is what they had to say about the film:

The Evaluations of the Five Friends Workshop at the National Association of Social Workers/Connecticut Chapter Conference – April 20, 2012

Participant Responses included; Doctoral Students, Retired Social Workers, Licensed Social Workers, Practicing Masters of Social Work, PH.D Professors and Hospital Clinicians

1. If you had to give this training a grade, what would it be –  100% responded A+ with some giving the workshop an A++

Comments: Excellent; In depth look at men’s intimacy; Totally different workshop; Excellent, moving; generated so much to think about and loved this workshop

2. (a) I have acquired new knowledge – 100% yes;

(b) I have acquired new techniques and skills – 90% yes;

(c) I anticipate using knowledge gained from this program in my work/practice – 90% yes

3. I would like the trainer (Hank Mandel, MSW) to know that: It was a courageous topic and wonderful; Thank you, It made me smile – courage, strength, tenderness,      humanness; It was brilliant!; Your honesty and courage is much appreciated; Sharing the film has made a difference; I loved the film -Thank You!!; Use the film as a basis for weekend training for all folks to open this discussion; How very much more I got from this workshop than I had anticipated. Thank you!; Wonderful film, How brave! How courageous to explore relationships like this; Would love to see another film featuring inner city boys and their relationships with their father. Probably would need to be shorter. Also girls and their fathers.

4. What recommendations, if any, would you have for improving this workshop in the future? No recommendations – it was perfect; None – Very powerful; Can’t think of any – the film speaks for itself; Follow-up with a documentary on Emmit the baby, ie. young boy – issues adolescents; Do not turn the lights back on until the film is over; Thank you – keep up the great work; the rest of the answers to this question were blanks.

5. The instructor’s (Hank Mandel) materials were presented in a clear and organized fashion. 100% response of “completely”

It was an amazing experience with 100% of the participants buying Five Friends materials (DVD and Workbook) to use in the future.

Thanks NASW, we love you too!

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