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From Our Friend at M3

There is so much buzz and deep pride from the men of Men Mentoring Men (M3) as they are expressing
how they feel about the showing of your movie “Five Friends” and the Five Friends “Quality
Male Relationships Workshop” last weekend (11/12/11). There has not been one soul who was not
emotionally moved and intellectually stimulated by the content of the day.

When an M3 group meets and they go home saying to themselves, “wow that was magical,” it’s
because something REAL happened. There’s no space between life and theater. That’s what happened
Saturday night thru Sunday—It was in that space–not sentimental, not fake. It was the magic of the real.

The men of M3 can lose sight of the fact that their tireless efforts in communication and supporting
each other create sacred space impacting men, women and children. Your big picture perspective will
re-energize them to give what they created a pathway to others. Thank you for that too.

We had men call or email wanting to join M3. A woman who works with retired or pre-retiring men
called to ask for help to find a way to “open men up to talk about their transition”. A woman who
consults with corporations called to open a conversation about how to create ways to connect with men
in the corporate setting. One psychologist with many published books asked if the can try M3 on for
size. One woman said she will show the movie to her female group of professional women. One Rabbi
asked how he can create a program around the movie for his synagogue. A gay M3 man just given a
diagnosis giving him 3 years (at best) to live was beaming with emotional joy and appreciation. One man
skipped the workshop to sit in the hotel to talk with his son in a conversation at a level they never had

Everyone I just mentioned was in attendance Sunday. Now that’s what I call positive energy. Hank, you
and Erik said “thank you” through your creative hearts. We have a deep appreciation and respect
for your “Five Friends” work.

Ed Adams, Psychology Doctorate & Founder
Men Mentoring Men

Thanks Ed! Check them out here.

2 Responses to From Our Friend at M3

  1. kris rieck says:

    In the Victorian Era, friendships among men were celebrated openly. It is only since World War II that homophobia caused male friendships to become suspect. This film gives me hope that homophobia is dying out again.

  2. Erik Santiago says:

    Thanks Kris, You’re right on. I think you’ll find the film addresses the issue you mention quite directly. It’s true, the historical evolution of male friendships has not landed men in a better place, but there’s hope! Have you seen the film? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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